Howling Wolves launch their NFT collection

The project aims to alleviate some of the biggest problems in the NFT industry, and rewards stakers. Its main purpose is to increase liquidity and trading capability, which is why it is quickly gaining popularity.

The theme of Howling Wolves

Laycaon, the leader of the Howling Wolves NFT, is the inspiration for The Howling Wolves NFT. Lycaon’s first disciples are the ruling class of the Howling Wolves in a clear hierarchy. These members are called Alphas, Betas and Redwolves. They were most likely born at the beginning of civilisation.

You can tell the Howling Wolf apart by their distinct characteristics. Each Howling Wolf’s appearance is different. They can also be found in different environments and homes depending on their rank.

Exquisite outfits, colorful hats, and gloves made out of exotic materials are a sure way to distinguish the ruling classes. They are also known for their status symbols such as scepters and jewels.

These people are most likely to be found in exclusive locations, well-known museums, or at iconic landmarks. The rest of the group tends to wear more casual clothing, such as suits and tie or regular streetwear in modern cities.


The Howling Wolves NFT project roadmap describes how it will roll out. The project development phase and community building are the first phases.

The creation of the NFT collection and the launch of this website will be the first step. Next, the Howling Wolves NFTs will be displayed and rare items revealed. The Discord giveaway will follow.

Next is the community minting the Howling Wolves NFTs. This phase will see the community minting the NFTs and paying royalties to Howling Wolves holders. Early adopters will also receive royalties.

The last phase of the secondary market release will involve floor price sales or burns.

NFT holders have the opportunity to stake and earn Lyacon tokens, which can be traded easily for USDC. They will also receive the next-gen Howling Wolves in an airdrop, and they can take part in monthly raffles.

About the Company

Howling Wolves NFT is an NFT collection that was built on a staking platform. It allows users to digitize and list NFTs online for sale or auction. It is designed to benefit both buyers and sellers or collectors. The platform allows users to stake NFTs and rewards them with tokens that they can trade daily.


Howling Wolves is proud to have a team of experts who are dedicated to making the project a great success. They can be reached on Discord.

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