HTC flagship phone delayed

It may be a surprise for some, but HTC is still not dead in the smartphone business. While I may exaggerate, HTC continues to release new Desire smartphones each year. HTC A100 was the company’s first tablet. The company’s pace is slower than any other smartphone brand nowadays. So it’s really easy to forget about them and think they’re gone. HTC isn’t going away, but HTC’s new high-end smartphone will be delayed. This might surprise some as HTC has been focusing their efforts on the mid-range segment. It’s been quite some time since the last flagship smartphone. There were discussions about a new HTC flagship, to honour the legacy of the HTC One series. The device was expected for April, but it’s now delayed.


You may be thinking a lot of things, but apparently, the reason for the delay is the same one affecting several other companies in the electronics range – COVID-19. Authorities in China imposed strict lockdown measures due to the recent rise of cases. The Chinese industry has been placed on lockdown once more. The supply chain is also affected. Industry is still struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic over the past two years. The new lockdown introduces new constraints. The situation is improving, and factories are back to normal. The damage has been done again.


Samsung has already cut its forecast for smartphone production by 30 million in response to these new constraints. Motherboard manufacturers also anticipate a sharp decline in shipments for Q2 2022. Last, but not least, the lockdown might affect the iPhone 14 Series, with a delay possible. HTC is not the only company that will be directly affected by this.

At this time, there isn’t much information available on the new HTC smartphone. We’re not expecting a conventional flagship to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S22 series, etc. The new smartphone is expected to continue the Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s trend, which are both blockchain-centric smartphones. However, there is also the possibility of this being a phone related to the company’s Vive Flow VR headset. The company could appeal to the growing trend of mixed reality and metaverse. This could be an opportunity to help them recover.

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