Huawei App gallery flaw is allowing users to download paid apps for free

The US ban brought Huawei to places that it has never imagined to be. Huawei has been caught in the middle of the fiercest battle between China and the US. The ban prohibits the company access to US software and hardware solutions. While it was able to remain in the market for a while the ban ended its relationship with TSMC in 2020. With the chipset supply from the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturer Company, Huawei had to acquire as many as possible Kirin units and cease the manufacturing at its HiSilicon chipset division. This has greatly impacted the company’s hardware and reduced the number of phones coming. It also had to develop its own software solutions in order to get around the shortage of mobile services offered by Google. Huawei AppGallery is a great example.

Huawei AppGallery is an integral part of the so called Huawei Mobile Services. After all, it’s from there that Huawei users will download and install applications. It’s also from there where developers will get profit for their paid apps. The company has taken numerous initiatives to encourage developers to join its ecosystem. AppGallery has been a major problem for the company in recent months.


According to one developer, there is a huge issue involving Huawei AppGallery. This feature has gone unfixed for months even though he reported it to Huawei back in February. Anyone with technical knowledge, time and willingness can exploit the flaw. This will allow users to download any paid app from AppGallery and install it without having to pay for it. We don’t need to say how this is hurting developers that have been sticking with Huawei or at least have been betting on the company’s ecosystem as a good way to get a profit.

Huawei AppGallery

The developer that found the problem, Dylan Rousell, states that the issue isn’t with app developers. This does not include the licensing verification of apps. Apparently, the problem is on Huawei’s end, and so far has gone unresolved. It seems that the AppGallery API doesn’t offer protection for paid apps. Rousell was able download and use multiple paid apps by exploiting this vulnerability. This is problematic as pirates could use the API to download many paid apps at once. App developers will be losing a lot of their money as piracy continues to grow.

We can wait for Huawei to intervene and provide a solution. The app has almost 600 million of active users across the world, which is a respectable amount for a store that started a few years ago. The company is trying to recover relevancy across global markets is making advancements such as reconquering the rights to make 5G smartphones. However, it will need to prove that AppGallery is a reliable platform over Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore.


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