Huawei to Support Kenya’s Digital Infrastructure Expansion

Huawei, a multinational ICT provider, announced a partnership agreement with Kenyan government to help Kenya expand its digital infrastructure.

The 43,000km of fibre cables will be rolled out as part of the partnership to promote connectivity through the expansion and maintenance of the country’s broadband infrastructure.

Steve Kamuya from Huawei Kenya, the Director of Enterprise Business, said that the project would start by laying 25,000km of fibre and then install 18,000km to bridge the digital divide in Kenya.

In a statement during the 2022 edition of the Connected Kenya Conference, Kamuya said, “

It is crucial to accelerate ICT infrastructure construction in order to ensure universal access for all. Huawei will support the implementation of Kenya’s National Broadband Strategy in order to increase connectivity and provide affordable digital services to Kenyans.

Steve Kamuya said that investing in more broadband infrastructure will help the country’s digital economy. He noted that easy access to devices such as computers, phones, and tablets would be crucial to accelerate the transition from a knowledge-based economy.

He said that smart transport facilities, smart lighting, and the creation smart cities can all be achieved if the country expands its broadband infrastructure.

The Vice Director for the Programs Management Office Huawei Kenya, Maureen Mwaniki also stated “investing in supportive infrastructure and soft skills was key to bridging the digital divide in the country.

According to Mwaniki, Huawei had rolled out training programs in Kenya to boost digital literacy among local youth and ensure they were actively in efforts to spur the growth of a knowledge-based economy.”

Local subsea cable operators will feel the pinch when foreign-backed cables land in Africa.

Less than a month after it landed in the Republic of Togo, Equiano, a subsea cable powered by Google, is heading to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital in April. It is the third submarine cable supported by three tech giants that are aiming for the continent.

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