BlockFi, Swan Bitcoin and BlockFi are the victims of a Hubspot Hack

Hubspot was hacked, which is a marketing tool that many companies use to manage campaigns and recruit new users. BlockFi and Swan Bitcoin, but both companies say that their operations have not been affected treasuries are not at risk.

Hubspot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used to store users’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses for marketing purposes, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Both companies confirm that hackers did not gain access to user information, but they claim that passwords as well as other internal information were not leaked. Hackers were unable to gain access to the internal systems of Hubspot as it is an external tool.
Hubspot claimed that this was caused by a bad actor accessing an employee account and using it for targeting stakeholders in the cryptocurrency sector.
The company claimed that 30 clients were affected but has not published a complete list.
Some users reported seeing phishing emails from several companies over the weekend. They tried to convince them into entering their passwords at a false site.
In 2020, BlockFi suffered a breach after an employee’s SIM card was compromised and ported over to an unauthorized user.
After 2020’s attack, BlockFi hired a new chief security officer.
Crypto venture capital firm Pantera Capital said in February that its Hubspot account had been compromised.
Hubspot does not know the exact date of the events, so it is impossible to determine a timeline.
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