Hypemasters Raises $3.25M In Series A Funding


Hypemasters, a UK and US-based mobile game developer company, raised $3.25M in Series A funding.

Round included:

  • GEM Capital invested $2 million
  • $1 million from The Games Fund
  • LUDUS: $0.25 Million

The company plans to use the funds for growth and expansion.

Hypemasters was founded in 2019 by Boris Kalmykov as CEO. They are a videogame developer who aims to make engaging and innovative games. World War Armies is its debut game. It’s a multiplayer RTS that allows players to compete in World War 2. This game is an adaptation of the classic multiplayer gameplay on mobile, while keeping the core RTS PvP experience intact.

World War Armies is currently open beta. It will be released globally this summer.

The company currently has 30 experienced professionals.

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