IETSA and ThreeFold Partner in Expanding the Decentralised Web in South Africa and Offering Education in Blockchain & Web 3.0 

The Institute of Emerging Technologies of South Africa(IETSA) is partnering with ThreeFold to expand the ThreeFold decentralised Internet in South Africa and to offer education on Blockchain protocols, decentralised digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality.

IETSA will create an independent and decentralised ThreeFold Internet infrastructure in its facilities to benefit South African communities, institutions, organisations, and universities. ThreeFold-powered Internet infrastructure, which will be used to deliver affordable, localized and sovereign Internet connectivity for IETSA projects, will bring inclusive benefits to its targeted communities.

It has been an exciting journey to revive the idea of inclusive participation in global emerging technologies, the digital and data economies. The Threefold architecture is unique because it allows for a decentralised foundational Internet network that empowers our communities while also providing many economic benefits and equality within the data economy.

Join IETSA today join our pre-launch community and get involved in this exciting journey. IETSA has something for everyone, whether you’re a new emerging technology professional looking to mentor others or a veteran emerging technologies professional looking to give back to society.

The official launch registration will take place on the 30ThJune 2022 is available. You can have conversations with thought leaders and experts on the topic of Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Virtual Reality. IETSA Education programs (Mandela Day) will be resumed on 18 July 2022. Together, we can make a difference in the world. In the past 6 months IETSA has been working closely with MICT SETA in the curriculum development of some emerging technologies qualifications.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela.

“With this innovative partnership, IETSA and ThreeFold will help South Africans seeking to participate in the next generation of the digital and data economies with the well defined inclusive benefits derived from emerging technologies, unearthed from the IETSA ethos “creating access to emerging technologies for all”. This will empower all South Africans, for a global stage to participate in the worldwide data and digital economies through skills development and practical real-world programs that bring about innovative, decentralised solutions across many industries,” said Mpho Machaka, Founder & CEO IETSA.

“We will also enable low-cost access to the decentralised Internet and expand local capacity for training institutions, SMME’s, community training projects, and universities, and enable continuous professional development programs to be delivered to the marketplace,” added Mpho.

It’s an exciting innovative partnership and I support this initiative between IETSA and ThreeFold that will provide technology education for South Africans while expanding the decentralised Internet infrastructure and capacity across the country,” saidThabo Mashegoane, Chairman of the Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA).

“ThreeFold is proud to support IETSA and their efforts to make the decentralised Internet more accessible in underserved South African communities,” added ThreeFold co-founder Chris Hutton.

“It is our mission to help educate and empower the next generation workforce and inspire a new generation of digital professionals to lead the charge in the Web 3.0 decentralised era and beyond.  From a more personal standpoint, Chris commented, “As a Threefold co founder, we are very proud that our technology has already been deployed in 74 countries to date, but as a fellow South African, this partnering with IETSA to bring the power of Threefold to our country is a special milestone as we embark in unlocking the full potential of the internet economy in our beautiful country and continent.

“ThreeFold and IETSA training programs will be providing skills to the Corporates, SMME’s and Public sector workspace. We will work together to create Centers of Excellence in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa, to empower a pool of talent from South Africa and across the continent to deliver projects in the global market through the ethos, “access to all.”


The Institute of Emerging Technologies of South Africa provides opportunities for South Africans (youth, women, people with disabilities, and others) to take part in the rapidly growing emerging technologies global economy. This allows them to unlock new market opportunities and promote sustainable economic development. Through our continuous professional development programs and certification, we aim to empower the most highly-skilled digital resources in order to take part in Emerging Technologies projects throughout Africa and globally. IETSA’s emerging technologies focus includes 4IR suit of technologies, like Blockchain and associated technologies  (cryptocurrencies, Defi, NFTs, Metaverse), Web 3.0, Extended Reality (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed), ThreeFold Decentralised Computing, Machine Learning and IoT.

About ThreeFold

ThreeFold decentralizes the Internet by tapping into the combined processing powers of all computers, servers, desktops and notebooks worldwide to create an open-source peer-to-peer and carbon-negative Internet that can be used for any future and current technology. ThreeFold uses Blockchain technology to solve security and autonomy problems of the Internet. It also allows the infrastructure to scale to any location electricity and network exists, using less energy, and at a lower cost than comparable alternatives. ThreeFold Grid is now able to distribute in more than 78 countries, with 60K+ cores and a capacity of 86+ petabytes. ThreeFold is committed to empowering a more egalitarian, autonomous, sustainable world and encouraging growth in developing countries.

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