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As the globe commemorates International Women’s Day, we understand that many businesses are controlled by men and that few women in these industries are either unnoticed or marginalized, and the blockchain industry is no exception.

The good news? While the blockchain industry is dominated by men and women, there are many women making big in the lucrative digital world. Many women are breaking the stereotype and building a name for themselves in this sector since this year’s International Women’s Day theme is “break the bias.”

Many women are making the blockchain sector accessible and inclusive to other women, as well as collectors and technologists. Ojuedeire Doris and Alakanani ITireleng are just a few of the many women who have made it possible.

There are many opportunities for women in the blockchain industry 

The days when women relied on men for everything are slowly disappearing. The world is changing and women can contribute to their families, as well as being independent.

Women should be financially independent. This is the best tool women have to be independent. When they can no longer be dependent on others, they can achieve their highest potential.

True, women make up a small percentage of the blockchain industry’s players, but there is an opportunity for development, and there are several options for mentorship, education, and other ways to inspire and assist more women in this rapidly growing and diverse area.

Blockchain technology is being used in a variety of industries, including banking, cybersecurity, marketing, advertising, supply chain management, ecommerce, voting and supply-chain networks.

These sectors are all dominated by women, and blockchain expertise could help them advance their careers and be more financially independent.

How to get more women involved in blockchain 

An excellent place to begin is to recognize women who make significant contributions in the field. Women need role models and mentors to help them feel accepted and thrive in the blockchain industry.

Another way to increase women’s participation in blockchain is to host events. These events can help create a supportive environment for women to be more involved and discover opportunities to advance.

Younger women can be inspired by the stories of women who have made it big in tech and the steps they took to get there.

Such gatherings can also be a great way to meet other women interested in blockchain. Even hearing a panel discussion can inspire women who don’t have the technical skills that many people assume are needed to seek one out.

It is important to provide educational platforms on blockchain and events for women. These women need education platforms that enable them to ask questions and get reliable answers about blockchain without being laughed at.

Also, women’s blockchain educational platforms can assist raise awareness, and it shouldn’t only be about “blockbros” anymore.

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