Innovative methods of promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness development

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Description of the Course

Participants will have the opportunity to learn as emerging entrepreneurs and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The course focuses on a clear differentiation between the entrepreneurial farmer and the small-scale farmer and also introduces you to the impact of agri-entrepreneurship on African socioeconomic environment. It is also covered how to effectively manage the agribusiness and what functional areas are relevant to general management.

Learning outcomes

The participants of this course will be able, by the end, to:

• Understand the complexities of the agricultural value chain to conduct business

• Establish an entrepreneurially orientated agri-business.

• Identify the opportunities for agribusiness entrepreneurs

• Understand the financing options for agribusiness entrepreneurs

• Excel in sales, marketing, & branding in agribusiness

• Successfully strike strategic partnerships among for agribusiness entrepreneurs

Who should sign up?

This course is for those involved in the development of agriculture and value chain and markets. This course is for agribusiness managers and staff of government institutions as well as staff of NGOs.

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