InstaDeep, a Tunisian enterprise AI startup, raises $100M Searies B round

InstaDeep is a Tunisia-based startup that has raised a $100m Series B round. It was led by Alpha Intelligence Capital along with Chimera Abu Dhabi and BioNTech.

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InstaDeep is a leader in advanced AI decision-making systems that solve real-world problems. The funding will be used to develop a high-performance computing infrastructure that is optimized for Decision Making AI. It will also help in continuing to hire elite talent and accelerate the launch of disruptive AI products across multiple industry sectors, including logistics, biotech and electronics manufacturing. The company is expanding in the United States.

InstaDeep CEO/ co-founder Karim Beguir expressed excitement over the investment, saying that ” we see wide range opportunities to deploy our AI tools to address complex real-world issues.”

InstaDeep & BioNTech have a multi-strategic 2020 partnership. They also launched a joint AI innovation laboratory that uses the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence & machine learning to develop immunotherapies. Both companies collaborated to create an AI-powered Early Warning System, (EWS), which is used in the detection of high-risk SARS/CoV-2 variants. EWS detected over 90% of the WHO-approved variants in just two months.

InstaDeep collaborates closely with Google to develop AI initiatives. InstaDeep has published joint research with DeepMind Research and Google Research. InstaDeep continues to work with moonshot products on automating railway scheduling with Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn is Europe’s largest railroad operator and infrastructure owner.

InstaDeep was founded in Tunisia, Tunisia, in 2014. It is now based out of London. Zohra Slim (cofounder) and Karim Beguir (co-founder) support local AI communities. They also help to fulfill the company’s mission by hosting events, training and providing open-source software. InstaDeep employs engineers in Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia as well as teams from the UK and France.

Boris Kuehn based, Managing Director of DB Digital Ventures, pointed out that the teams had skills as well as thought leadership in this area.behind the adoption of cutting-edge AI technology in the railway domain.

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