Instagram adds product tagging to all accounts

Meta-owned Instagram has made it possible for anyone in the US to add product tags into their Feed posts Monday.

Product tagging was previously only available to brands and creators. Now, all users with public accounts in the US can use it.

“This feature is only for public accounts. Instagram released a statement saying that it is working on new ways to allow you to tag products within Stories.

Instagram has been filled with inspiration from their followers as brands and creators sharing their favorite products and styling tips.

“Now, we’re giving everyone access to incite those closest to us by enabling product tagging in posts,” said the company.

To tag a brand or product in a post, you can use the tagging tool.

According to the photo-sharing platform, “When someone taps your product tag on a published Feed posting, they’ll have the ability to access detailed information about the product via a product detail webpage on Instagram and can then buy the product directly in the app or through the brand’s product detail Page.”

To tag a product, start to create a post on Feed, and tap �Tag people’.

The brand should be searched first. Tap Products’ to see the options.

Tap the photo to begin tagging products, then use descriptors for finding the product.

Once you’ve found the product, choose any styles or colours and then tap on “Add Tag”, to send it to Instagram.

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