Instagram Stories Redesign with Vertical Scrolling in Its App

Instagram confirmed that it was prototyping Stories with vertical scrolling – however, the details were not known. The social network has now begun testing the new design with a limited number of users.


Social media consultant MattNavarra has noted that some users in Turkey have been updated by Instagram to bring vertical scrolling to Stories. Stories can be viewed from the same user by tapping on the left or right sides of the screen. However, scrolling to the next user’s Stories will require a swipe down.

The same update was received by Thassius Vessel, a tech journalist from Brazil. This suggests that Instagram is expanding its vertical scrolling design to other countries.

This is likely to be a competition with TikTok’s vertical scrolling feature in its app. Instagram Stories has been focusing more on video content than static content, as a result.

Instagram also tested an increase in the maximum video length for Stories in December. This was, which increased from 15 to 60 seconds. Users can upload videos for up to one minute on Instagram Stories. However, the videos are now split into four videos each of 15 seconds.

Meta-owned company is also testing different ways to organize the feed and even an option for editing the profile grid in the way you prefer. It’s not clear when or if these features will be available to everyone.

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