Intel to Buy Granulate

Granulate Cloud Solutions Ltd. is being acquired by Intel (Nasdaq: INTC), an Israel-based developer and publisher of continuous optimization software.

The terms of the deal are not being revealed. The transaction is expected close in the second quarter 2022. However, it will be subject to normal closing conditions. At that time, Granulate’s approximately 120 employees will be integrated into Intel’s Datacenter and AI business unit.

With the acquisition, Intel will rapidly scale Granulate’s optimization software, including across Intel’s data center portfolio.

Granulate, founded by Asaf Ezra (CEO) and co-founder, offers an autonomous optimization service to cloud and data center customers that helps them improve their deployments, reduce operational overhead, and lower application cost.

Cloud computing and microservices offer new opportunities for flexibility in distributed applications, deployment scalability, and application deployment. However modern architectures present more complex performance issues than traditional operating systems or runtimes. Additionally, customers often deploy older Linux distributions and application libraries that are not up to date with the latest advancements in today’s high-performance CPUs. Granulate’s autonomous optimization service solves these issues by reducing CPU utilization and application latencies. It does this by learning the customer’s application and deploying a customized set of continuous optimizations at runtime. This allows deployment on smaller compute clusters, instance types and helps to improve application performance while lowering cloud and data center costs. The service is not dependent on the involvement of developers and doesn’t require customers to make modifications to their own code. Even legacy Linux distributions or runtimes can have optimizations for the most recent CPUs.

Intel and Granulate’s relationship began in late 2019, when Granulate was part of the first graduating class of Intel® Ignite. They have been working together for the past year on a commercial agreement that will allow them to optimize workloads on Xeon deployments.

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