Introducing YUSE, The Ultimate Multi-Utility Token

Yuse protocol, a network of digital products that is supported by blockchain technology, has made a significant step forward with the publication of its non custodial wallet.

Yuse members will now be able to securely store Yuse Tokens ($YUSE), starting May 19th. Beyond storage, users will be able to earn rewards by staking $YUSE, as well as take advantage of the wallet’s built-in exchange to perform trades.

What is Yuse, you ask?

Yuse was built on the Binance Smart Chain. (BSC) Yuse will offer a complete ecosystem where users can earn rewards for playing games, learning and creating content.

All of these features are supported and backed by $YUSE. This utility token powers the protocol as well as its rewards structure. Coinmarketcap and Coingecko are the largest price-tracking sites for crypto assets, listing $YUSE recently.

Overview of Yuse’s Ecosystem

Yuse is the pioneer of several decentralized applications (dApps), which each offer a different service.

Circle, Yuse’s first digital product, is being developed. This dating platform rewards users for simple actions like chatting and completing profiles. The platforms offer financial incentives to users, who can earn YUSE tokens by sharing, creating and consuming content.

Circle platform will use additional security measures by storing data on blockchain. This reduces the risk that sensitive information about users could be hacked or leaked. The decentralized conflict resolution system is another innovative feature. Users can vote on whether certain users should be removed or allowed to remain in the community.

Another application in the pipeline is the Yuse university, a learn-and-earn program that uses blockchain technology to track users’ accomplishments. Students of Yuse University will have the opportunity to receive scholarships that will be shared among the community. Yuse University offers gamified education content as well as YUSE Rewards, so students can be highly engaged and eager for learning.

The Yuse team is also working on other products, including a SocialFi app (FUNTasy), a GameFi platform(YUPLAY), a cloud storage decentralized solution (AIRlift), as well as a unique travel application (XperienZ).

Bright Future Ahead

The wallet release marks a significant milestone. All products and services will include the YUSE token. The YUSE team plans to incorporate a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT), as well as allow BSC to build its own highly scalable blockchain.


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