Tred: Investment In The Latest Green Fintech Money App Soars In Latest Crowdfunding Round

Following the launch of its second crowdfunding campaign, the UK’s leading green debit card and newly launched app, Tred, has already reached a very important landmark, sailing past their target of £600k just 10 minutes after launching to the public! Tred’s engaged community took the opportunity to invest which helped them reach this milestone.

Tred is excited about this investment drive. Tred is an app that aims to change how people think about spending. With every purchase, Tred allows customers to see an in-depth view of the carbon emissions created every time they spend, tracking their carbon footprint and helping to understand ways they can reduce it, whilst also planting trees on the customer’s behalf.

The crowdfunding campaign presents a range of investment options, designed to appeal a variety investors. The shareholders join high-profile investors like the Co-Founder and Angel Investors from Bridgepoint Capital.

The money raised in the crowdfunding campaign will be used to scale Tred’s userbase, expand the team to support it, and continue innovating the company’s climate tech.

This latest round follows a successful initial crowdfunding campaign in 2021, that far exceeded their £400,000 target, securing over £1m from more than 1,000 investors in during the course of the campaign.

Tred, a personal and accurate tracking system, provides insight for mindful shoppers looking to improve their sustainability. Every month, a complete report is provided to show how their lifestyle impacts the planet.

As well as the eco-friendly benefits, Tred – and its nifty recycled card – offers all the usual features customers can expect from a modern-day money app, such as easy top-ups, instant notifications and card freezing.

Tred founder Will Smith was recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 under European Technology.: “Our mission here at Tred is to become the go-to green fintech offering. Managing your finances as well as considering your carbon emissions may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Our platform makes it easy to manage your money and its impact from one place.

“We are thrilled with the success of the latest crowdfunding stage and the amount of investors believing in our shared vision. With almost 30,000 people on the waiting list, we can’t wait to roll out our app to thousands more customers later in the year’

Tred launched the Mastercard green debit card in the UK, enabled by global payments platform Nium’s card issuing service.

Tred’s app is now live in Beta for iPhone users, with its Android app coming soon, and 30,000 people have already joined the waiting list to receive access. For more information on Tred’s investment opportunities, visit their Crowdcube Page.

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