iOS 15.4 Beta Adds Ability to use Face ID While Wearing a Mask

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iOS 15.4 Beta Update: Face ID while wearing a mask

The global epidemic forced many people to wear masks every day, making it difficult for iPhone users who use Face ID to unlock their iPhones. However, Apple today released the first developer beta version of iOS 15.4 beta and iPadOS 15.4 Beta, which are official solutions to the problem.

Apple’s latest 15.4 beta version now allows you to use FaceID while wearing masks. Face ID works best when it recognizes a full facial expression. The iPhone can also recognize unique features around glasses to authenticate the user.

If you have an Apple Developer account, you can download the update by visiting the Developer Center. Install the Developer Beta description file if you don’t have one. Reminder: iOS 15.4 Beta1’s volume is 5.4GB. You will need strong internet connections to upgrade.

Apple has previously allowed people to wear masks to unlock their face IDs. However, Apple believes that Apple Watch can solve the problem. This is similar to saying people are forced to purchase a product. The iOS 15.4 beta update finally acknowledges the problem and offers a solution. It is also believed that Apple finally feels the pain of its customers.

The update is also available for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max users. It removes the 120Hz adaptive refresh limit so that all third-party apps can use the technology. The iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max has a 120Hz high-resolution screen. However, many third-party apps could only use 60Hz animation before the update. This problem was finally solved by the update.

The iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max uses an ultra-retina screen with XDR technology. It can adjust the refresh rate dynamically between 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the demand. This technology reduces the power consumption of high refresh rates, which can extend the battery life. You can find iOS 15.4 beta release notes here.

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