iPhone SE with 5.7-inch display might launch in 2023

Rumors about the next iPhone SE are circulating. A new iPhone SE is most likely to be Apple’s first major hardware release this year. Apple waited for four years between the two previous generations of iPhone SE, but there are signs that Apple will be releasing more frequently in the future. Based on the number of leaks, it seems almost certain that the iPhone SE 3 will be released this spring. We now have the name of the iPhone SE+ 5G thanks to a leak.

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iPhone SE+ 5G could be Apple’s budget phone

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, claims that Apple has settled on iPhone SE+ 5G to be its next budget iPhone. Young has a track record of leaks and has been talking about the next iPhone SE for months on Twitter.

Young predicted at first that Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE will feature a new design. He changed his mind and claimed that Apple would wait at most one more generation before changing the design of the iPhone SE. Young claims that the 2022 iPhone SE will have a 4.7-inch LCD screen, much like the 2020 iPhone SE. One of the key differences will be the upgraded A15 Bionic processor and support for 5G. Apple will likely advertise the latter upgrade in its name.

It is not clear why Apple would change the naming scheme so dramatically.

9to5Mac notes the iPhone 3G was the last time Apple used cellular network terminology in a smartphone. In recent years, other brands have added “5G” at the end of their product names. Apple however has always been happy to distinguish itself by using unique names for its phones.

Apple has big plans to launch the iPhone with a budget price

Almost every iPhone SE leak in the last few months pointed to internal upgrades and not external ones for this spring’s iPhone SE 3.

The fourth-generation iPhone SE is far more exciting. Young previously stated that the 2023 iPhone SE will have a modern design than its predecessors. On Monday, Young doubled down on his prediction and claimed that the iPhone SE 4 would have a 5.7-inch display and could be available as early as next year. He did not specify what the phone would look like.

Young’s tweet confirms that the iPhone SE 4 will become the first iPhone with a 5.7-inch display. Apple’s “Plus” models have 5.5-inch displays. In contrast, the “mini” models of recent years had 5.4-inch displays. The SE could replace the iPhone mini if Apple decides to retire it.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s editor, stated that Apple would hold a virtual unveiling event for the iPhone SE 3 sometime in March or April. Apple unveiled the first-generation iPhone SE in March 2016 and the second-generation iPhone SE in April 2020. This seems to be the company’s plan for the future.

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