iPipeline adds speed of underwriting to deliver insurance to agents

iPipeline® announces that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Ethos, one of the largest term life insurance providers in the U.S., empowering Ethos to help a wider range of consumers benefit from its online life insurance coverage platform. Ethos, the first insurtech, can now offer its customized white-labeled life insurance assessments, application, policy delivery and policy renewal services to more than 400,000 agents throughout the iPipeline community.

Ethos’ mission is to make life insurance more affordable and accessible to as many Americans as possible. Ethos allows consumers to instantly obtain quotes on life insurance policies and submit an application online. Ethos’ proprietary technology stack allows it to process your application immediately and provide information about eligibility and rates. After approval, policyholders can immediately activate their coverage.

Quote engines that are traditionally designed to sort by premiums may show insurtechs at lower levels. iPipeline resolves this issue by displaying a “speed score” to agents. Each carrier is measured by how long it takes an agent to complete their online application as well as how long it takes to make an underwriting determination. These speeds and qualification scores are displayed next to the carrier’s premium. Agents can now sort by speed and any one of these categories for the first-ever time. This allows them to help customers find the right product for them, especially since more people expect instant online experience.

“Each agent determines what matters most to their client. Sometimes that’s speed—and sometimes it’s price,”  Bill AtleeFounder and Chief Innovation Officer at iPipeline. “Our quote engines with the added ‘speed score’ search will help Ethos stand out in an industry that is used to a 30-to-45-day underwriting process. Agents can now view Ethos’s products alongside traditional carriers with the ability to consider more than just price. We’re excited to bring the Ethos products to the many agents in the iPipeline ecosystem, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

“iPipeline’s distribution and innovation capabilities will help us as we continue on our mission to protect the next million families,”  Vipul SharmaChief Technology Officer, Ethos. “iPipeline shares our commitment to making life insurance more accessible and improving the experience—at every point in the process. This strategic alliance allows us to seamlessly reach more consumers through the thousands of insurance agents who use iPipeline.”

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