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    Specifications for iQOO Neo6

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    Specifications for iQOO Neo6

    After the iQOO 9 series, the company began preparations for its Neo series of new machines, according to the name should be the iteration of Neo6, there be now a new report out revealing iQOO Neo6 specifications.


    According to the latest information, the iQOO Neo6 front-screen size is still approximately 6.6 inches. However, it has been upgraded from E3 light-emitting materials to E4 and supports high refresh rates with lower power consumption.

    The Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor is used in the core configuration. However, the Neo 5 SE cooling capacity indicates that the old generation of rare earth cooling has been retained. This cooling material is very useful.

    It is reported that iQOO Neo5S first high conductive rare earth cooling material using aerospace engine grade process, by adding lanthanum, cerium two rare earth elements in the metal so that the thermal conductivity of the metal cover compared to the traditional cooling system by 200%.

    Charging has received a significant upgrade. It now supports 80W wired quick charging, and a capacity of 4700mAh. This is quite unexpected considering 80W only debuted not too long ago.

    The previous generation of camera is 48 megapixel Sony IMX598, Neo5 / VIbrant Edition / Neo5S models are the same, and the Neo6 may replace Samsung CMOS. It still supports OIS optical stability.

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