James Cowen joins real-time fleet insurance company, Humn

James Cowen joined the Insurtech company in real-time. Humn as Chief Commercial Officer, he brings six years of experience in the mobile space and 10 years in financial services to the table.

Humn is an insurance management system that uses data to improve the foundations for fleet insurance. Humn uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time solutions. This allows customers to manage their fleet’s exposure on a daily basis.

As Chief Commercial Officer, James Cowen will work closely with CEO, Mark Musson, on the company’s commercial strategy; both in terms of planning, and execution. James will take charge of organizing strategic partnerships and company expansion, whilst maintaining a strong ‘across the board’ position in terms of capacity planning and fundraising.

James was originally trained in Finance, accounting at Deloitte, and Investment Banking at Greenhill. He is proficient in understanding the differences between good and bad businesses, acquisitions, fundraising, and ultimately working with the C-level of small and large organizations. Most recently, whilst working with Cargo as VP of Corporate Development & International, James led their partnership with Uber, resulting in a $32m Series A funding round in September 2018.

James Cowen, Chief Commercial Officer at Humn, said; ‘If Humn could deliver even 20% of what they wanted to, the opportunity would be vast, and that is why I’m so excited to be joining the team at such an interesting time. For the first time in this industry, the relationship between the insurer and the fleet is a partnership – not just an annual transaction”

Humn recently acquired Walsingham Motor Insurance in January 2022, the acquisition will further develop Humn’s four-year-old data-led platform to totally transform the way commercial fleet insurance can be priced and give control back to customers.

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