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    Japanese Messaging App Giant Line Launches NFT Marketplace

    Japan’s most popular social media application – Line – released a non-fungible token marketplace called Line NFT. Although the company offers its services in many countries across Asia, this opportunity will be exclusive to Japanese users.

    Japan’s Top Social Media Goes Into NFTs

    LVC Corporation (LVC) – the operator of Line’s blockchain divisions – launched Line NFT marketplace, allowing 90 million Japanese users to buy and sell approximately 40,000 non-fungible tokens. In addition, Line NFT offers exclusive digital collectibles featuring Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings’ videos, the classic anime series Patlabor the Mobile Police as well as artwork of other popular characters.

    The entity stated that it will continue to add NFTs from other genres through partnerships with Line Family services and other companies.

    Customers can store all collectibles purchased once they have been received in their Line BITMAX Wallet. The application allows users to send and exchange NFTs with others.

    LVC vowed to continue offering a “myriad of experiences to users in collaboration with other group companies.”

    “Moving forward, with the concept of “Line Blockchain Designed for Everyone,” LVC will aim to provide NFT and other blockchain services and technologies that can be applied practically to users’ daily lives,” the organization stated.

    Line connects to many countries in the East Asian region, serving more than 600 million people. It is also the most widely used messaging application in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. However, NFT Marketplace will only be available to Japanese users for the time being.

    Japanese Gaming Giants Bullish On NFTs

    It is no secret that “The Land of the Rising Sun” is a high-tech country home to some of the largest video game and entertainment companies.

    Earlier this week, top executives at Sega Corporation (one of the leading such entities) revealed intentions to release a “Super Game” initiative, which could encompass NFT technology. Masayoshi Kikuchi – Producer at the firm – described the interaction between Sega and digital collectibles as a “natural extension for the future of gaming.”

    Shortly after, another Japanese gaming leader – Bandai Namco – set up a fund of around $8 million in one year and $23.8 million in three years to invest in enterprises related to the NFT realm, Web3 economy, and the Metaverse.

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