Joanne Mwangi- My journey to building my business by saving and investing

Joanne Mwangi Yelbert serves as the chief executive officer for Professional Marketing Services Group Limited. Joanne Mwangi Yelbert runs this marketing company for 19 years.

Joanne Mwangi Yelbert

Building wealth – My secret to success has been saving and making smart investments. I ensure that every month I have at least $100 saved. Keep in mind that the money you keep at the bank is not going to help you. Instead, it assists the bank in achieving its financial targets. Let your money do the work. You can let it make wealth through well-planned investments. To build wealth, however, you must not act or behave as though you are already wealthy. It will stop your quest for greatness. Instead, remain humble, determined, grounded.

The biggest money error was made when I started my own business after leaving my job. I was unsure how to manage the first large check I received. Most of my money was spent on youth-inducing acts of showing-off and unguided acts of philanthropy.

The most significant financial milestone: My firm won three awards at The Kenya Top 100 Medium Sized Businesses’ Awards. This was thanks to an audit conducted by a leading local accounting firm. It won the top spot in the service sector, was awarded the best enterprise award, and I received the best entrepreneur prize. To date, no other firm has won as many awards in the same business awards series. These accomplishments are the beacon of my entrepreneurial journey.

My biggest loss is that I once rendered services without the paperwork required by an LPO. I didn’t get paid for my services because the contact I had entrusted with the deal, left the firm before I received my pay. I have learned that it is important to check all of the boxes before accepting any assignment, regardless of how appealing they might seem.

If I could do it all again, I would delegate less work and stress more.

Entrepreneurship: Women should get into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs will learn discipline, which is crucial for achieving your set goals. But, if money is a factor, it’s very likely that you will lose sight of your goals. This is because not every business deal goes according to plan.

Making It in Business: As an entrepreneur or woman, the first step is to separate your personal expenses and your company expenses. Next, make sure that you are spending as little as possible. Too many entrepreneurs don’t realize how much they are spending on company resources. This is because entrepreneurs believe it’s their money. It is important that the money generated by the company be used to support the company, not to spend it elsewhere.

Side hustles – It is crucial that women start a side venture to boost their income. The side income stream they create should not conflict with their employer’s. Passion is essential if you are a young lady who wants to reach the top in everything you do, including your family life and career. Passion is what makes a job exciting and not just an everyday task to make a few dollars. It’s what motivates me every morning to go to work on a proposal for my client. It’s the thing that inspires me to do everything to help my clients’ brands grow.

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