Jumia announces Ghana’s top 4 online food delivery orders

Ghana may be known for its natural resources, such as gold, cocoa, and oil. However, there has been a lot of online searching for Jollof in recent years. This West African rice dish is among the most popular searches on Jumia, Africa’s leading online food delivery platform.

Although Nigerians may not want to admit it, Ghana seems to be leading the global search for African recipes online.

In a media release, Jumia claims that “today, nearly everyone orders food online in Ghana. Jumia claims that burgers, shawarma and fries are all available online. [among the]Order popular Ghanaian meals online. Sometimes, these foods are quite expensive and many people prefer local food.”

Jumia’s iOS and Android apps offer free delivery to Ghana. Jumia is well-known for its online shopping mall, which offers everything from clothes to appliances.

As the country’s leading e-commerce platform, it recently announced a partnership with LocQar, a smart locker company. Jumia’s strategic partnership aims to ensure that customers who place orders on the platform can pick up their packages faster, safer, or more conveniently.

Tolulope George-Yanwah, chief executive of Jumia Ghana. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn
Tolulope Georg-Yanwah is the chief executive of Jumia Ghana. 

Most popular online orders

Topping the list of the most affordable Ghanaian dishes ordered online is “red-red”, a dish that is also known as “gob3”. It’s made of cooked beans, palm nut oil, and cassava flakes. It’s served with fried ripe fruitain.

Many people now garnish it with boiled eggs or fried fish. “Red red’’ is a delicacy mainly associated with the Ewe tribe. Many vendors offer it on Jumia for as low as Ghs10 (roughly 13 US cents).

Second on the list of popular online food orders are “waakye”, a specialty of the northern tribes. It is made up of beans and rice cooked with special brownish leaves to give it colour. Waakye often comes with cassava flakes, boiled or deep-fried eggs, fish and meat, as well as vegetables. Sometimes, waakye even has fried plantain. It is often eaten for breakfast in Ghana.

The third most popular dish is “banku” with okra, a mouth-watering lunch or dinner dish. The paste is made from corn and cassava dough and served with okra soup. You can add fish, meat, seafood, crabs, snails, or pork trotters to it.

The Ghanaian version of fried rice called “angwamu” is fourth on the list. This is plain rice, sometimes with oil and sliced onion or vegetables. It’s easy to prepare, and can be eaten with freshly ground pepper or Shito. You can also add sardines or beef to your dish.

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