Juni continues to grow rapidly, launching new brands and product features

Juni, its ecommerce financial partner, Juni, announced that it will be embarking on the next phase of its growth. Juni continues to grow and has doubled its card spend and customers each quarter in the last year. It also increased its staff by 644% in 2021. Juni has come out of beta within a year of launching the platform. Juni’s platform will be launched with new integrations and product features. The brand will also undergo a rebranding to reflect its expansion into the European Economic Area.

Juni’s platform ties together physical and virtual cards, credit cards, accounting, analytics and digital advertising platforms, to enable entrepreneurs to have a clear and holistic view of all their finances. Ecommerce sales are expected to grow to 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. There is an enormous opportunity for growth. Businesses need a customized solution to scale.

Juni will be introducing the following:

  • Juni will now launch USD accounts and cards. This feature is most sought-after by current customers. With Juni’s USD accounts, ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers can now optimize their funds even better, including as many virtual USD Mastercard cards as they need.
  • This integration is a new one with Google Ads. It will provide a seamless experience that will help you save time and effort. This integration allows for real-time Google Ads spending tracking insights. Additionally, it automatically extracts credit line invoices. Matching receipts are generated for threshold payments.
  • A new brand with a bold visual identity and a fresh website, logo and colour palette to establish Juni’s brand identity and ensure it stands out from the crowd. In addition, Juni is launching “Bye-bye bank”, a creative campaign that brings the daily frustrations of ecommerce entrepreneurs to life when dealing with traditional banks through a series of commercials, high-impact OOH and print placements across key locations in Europe.
  • With its cashback on all spending as an added benefit, Juni has already paid out more than €1M in total and has an ambitious plan to pay out €10 million in cashback in the coming year to help businesses to grow and scale.

“We know the challenges that ecommerce entrepreneurs face because we’ve experienced the same headaches ourselves,” Samir El-Sabini is the co-founder and CEO of Juni. “That’s why we founded Juni. We’ve taken those problems and turned them into product features, and we’re passionate about creating a new approach to finance. We are committed to providing our customers with the best integrations, features, and insights possible so that they can make better business decisions. This launch is an incredibly proud moment for us and we’re excited to continue our growth alongside our amazing customers.”

Jason Fields, Outlet Group Managing Director said, “Juni is truly unique in its offer. Since January 2022, Juni has made it easier to manage our finances. The dashboard gives us a clear view of our spending and allows us to track it. Cashback is an additional benefit. A dedicated account manager who truly cares about your needs makes all the difference. We always get an answer when we reach out to someone. If you’re serious about scaling your ecommerce business, go with Juni.”

Max Bekink was co-founder of Boltshop Limited., “Juni removes many of the financial struggles that business owners today face. We have been able to use multiple cards along with cashback and credit lines to help us categorize our spending, and gain greater control over our company. But it’s more than just the product that stands out. Since February 2021 when we joined the beta, our account manager and Juni team have made us feel like a part of the community. If you’re looking for a good and trustworthy financial platform, Juni is the place to go.”

Juni has received funding in excess of $76million for its all-in-one solution, which is tailored to meet the unique needs of the rapidly expanding ecommerce and digital market industry. EQT Partners of DST Global Partners of DST Global Felix Capital and Cherry Ventures are the key investors. Other prominent angel investors and board members of successful fintechs and ecommerce businesses like NA-KD and iZettle also support Juni. Juni continues to grow its workforce and is now the fastest-growing fintech company in Europe. Juni has 30 employees currently. Juni is continuing its growth path and plans to increase its workforce by 200% YoY. Juni will also be recruiting 140+ employees for 2022.


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