Kaddra Pte Ltd Raises US$2.5M Seed Funding

Kaddra Pte Ltd secures additional US 2.5 million seed funding from existing investors amid rapid growth.

Kaddra Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based Mobile Commerce and Remarketing firm, has raised US$2.5M Seed funding.

The identities of the backers have not been disclosed.

The funds will be used by the company to increase its growth, scale its self-service offerings and introduce new innovations to the market.

Kaddra, headed by Quentin Chiarugi (CEO), provides a Mobile Commerce and Remarketing Solution, enabling digital storefronts to be created for businesses in more than 20 markets. The company leverages mobile, IoT, and voice assistant technologies to improve customer service, retention, engagement, sales, reach, and marketing reach. Kaddra, which is preparing to expand its European reach, has already onboarded over 20 businesses in 20 countries, marking the first year of the commercialization of its platform.

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