Kaltani, a Nigerian company that makes clean-tech plastics, has raised $4 Million

Kaltani, an innovative Nigerian plastic waste recycling company has raised $4 million to increase its nationwide recycling operations. 

With Kaltani’s technology, the entire value chain is transparent and traceable thanks to data analytics, predictive analytics, and geographic mapping. 

Engineer Obi Charl Nnanna created it in Nigeria in an effort to tackle the African plastic waste crisis. 

Over 100 people work at the startup’s collection centers, recycling plant, and offices, where they collect plastic bottles and other garbage for aggregation and processing before being delivered to the recycling factory for further processing. 

“Plastic pollution is a global problem. Plastic garbage is a global problem that threatens our oceans, our aquatic life, our health, and the quality of our air. The world needs solutions that can be implemented and scaled up, as plastic trash production is expected to increase further. By demonstrating that our concept and solution perform effectively and efficiently across the whole A-Z value chain, we at Kaltani are more than ready to begin our expansion across Nigeria,” stated Nnanna. 

The company plans to use the funds to open 20 new collection and aggregation centres in Nigeria, and to increase its workforce to more than 500.

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