Keychron Q2 65% Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard Launched

keychron q2

Keychron unveiled the Keychron QR1 mechanical keyboard last year. This keyboard was a major deal for Keychron because it is the first-ever keyboard designed for hobbyists. It features gasket mounting, QMK/VIA support, and a more robust build than previous models.

If the 75% form factor doesn’t suit you and you really want something smaller, Keychron has now launched the KeychronQ2. This form factor is 65%, and does not include the function key row. It might be more suitable for those who don’t use it.

The Q2 also supports a rotary knob that can be programmed to perform other functions. This was originally planned for the Q1 but it did not materialize. However, there appears to be an update for Q1 to support it. Keychron will make some modifications to the Q2 starting with the Q1. It will have OSA profile keycaps made of PBT and use the Gateron G Pro switches. This is a departure from the Gateron Phantom switches included with the original Q1.

Keychron Q2 will retail at $169 for fully assembled, $179 for the version without rotary knob and $149 for barebones (meaning that you will need to purchase the keycaps or switches yourself), and $159 if the barebones include support for the rotating knob. If you are interested, it is currently available to purchase at Keychron’s website.

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