Kibo School Nigerian Edtech Startup receives $2 Million

A $2 million seed round has been raised by Neo, a Neo-founded VC firm. The round also included other angel investors. 

Kibo School offers online degrees, as well as access and connections to talented people. Ope Bukola was the founder of it. 

The company combines the flexibility of self-paced learning with the support of a strong network of peers and teachers to unleash deeper knowledge acquisition, motivation and accountability. Rob Cobb and Keno Omu were her partners in the creation of the Kibo School. 

“The seed round’s main objective is to launch the degree program. While we are undergoing accreditation, we have already been offering these short courses. But right now, enrolling students in our degree programs is our first priority, she said, adding that 400 students from 13 African nations have been trained through the school’s short courses, which were introduced last year. 

Kibo offers the program in six locations across Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana to facilitate sporadic meeting-ups. You must live at least 100 km from these cities to be eligible. 

The pre-seed round last year has resulted in $2.4m funding. 

Students in Africa will have the opportunity to study multiple STEM subjects through the online school with additional funding.

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