KILT Launches a New Application for Digital Identities

KILT announces the launch of web3name, an application for creating a custom name to represent users’ digital identities. The new approach would increase the transparency of users’ identities without sacrificing the privacy involved with personal data.

KILT, a Blockchain Identity Protocol based on the Polkadot Network, issues a new digital credential, Web3name(w3n), to allow users to represent themselves digitally. As stated in the announcement, the credentials stored on the distributed ledgers are permanent addresses that users can access at any time on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Web3name is not a decentralized identifier that is encoded in a unique string containing numbers and letters. It could instead be translated to simple letters such ingo, doso, etc. Using SocialKYC, an attestation service built on KILT, users can create credentials linking to their own email accounts or GitHub, Discord, Twitter, and others.

According to KILT’s prior announcement, SocialKYC would not get users’ personal information stored in any centralized data center.

“Unlike sign-in processes on the internet to date, SocialKYC then forgets about the user and the credential as soon as the credential is issued. The credential, the personal information, and the control remain with the user.”

W3n is a way to enhance the process of digital identities being processed on the blockchain, according to the team. W3n doesn’t replace a wallet address but supplements it. One w3n may connect to multiple addresses. Though only one w3n links to one identity, one may create several identities – work identity, collator identity, and gaming identity – with a different w3name for each, which could also link to traditional media platforms.

Collators and validators in particular can link their W3N to any addresses they choose. They can do this so that their identities can be distinguished through their names, rather than the string of numbers and letters used to identify blockchain addresses.

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