Kin + Carta recruits top Google talent to lead product team

Global digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta Andrew Clark, a former Google executive, was appointed director of product to demonstrate the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Clark’s role will see him spearheading the drive to be recognized as a best-in-class product-led organization – building digital solutions that are valuable, measurable and sustainable in real-world environments for its clients.

Clark has over a decade of experience developing product intelligence and brings wealth to the role. Before joining  Kin + Carta, Clark held the position of product manager at DeepMind, where he was responsible for creating internal products that enabled up to a thousand people to work on the same problem simultaneously and collaboratively. Clark was part in the Google Health & DeepMind team that developed a mobile medical assistant for NHS practitioners after DeepMind had been acquired by Google.

Clark’s experience includes a stint at Tesco, overseeing the strategy and development of an intelligence product. At Tesco, he developed customer-facing apps and also helped launch Tesco’s online grocery shopping to international markets.

The hire follows a raft of new hires at the senior level at the end of last year, a new go-to-market strategy and the strengthening of Kin + Carta’s position as a global digital transformation consultancy. The consultancy now has 1,700 specialists across four continents, delivering end-to-end digital transformation services for some of the world’s leading businesses. Cazoo, Santander and Lexus Europe are just a few of the clients.

Kin + Carta was the first company to achieve global B Corp certification last year. Kin + Carta also purchased software developer Melon Group as well as ecommerce consultancy Loop.

Clark stated: “Kin + Carta currently has an unrivaled portfolio where we’re helping some of the biggest businesses in the world solve problems through the product. We are only at the start of digital transformation; the opportunity is huge and I want Kin + Carta to be at the center of finding solutions that solve real problems.”

Mark Collin is Managing Director Product Experience and Product Management at Kin + Carta Europe.: “Andy is a great addition to a thriving team focused on taking Kin + Carta to the next level. As one of the leading lights in contemporary product talent, he’s exactly what our product team needs to help execute our vision for digital transformation that makes the world better for everyone. We’re excited about the impact he will have on our clients’ business as well as at Kin + Carta as a whole.”

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