Koidra Raised $4.5M in Seed Capital


KoidraSeattle, WA-based company providing intelligent automation (IA), platform has raised seed funding of $4.5M.

Ospraie Ag Science was the leader of the round. Foothill Ventures participated as well as Cavallo Ventures.

The funds will be used by the company to expand its operations and business reach.

Koidra, a startup in intelligent automation (IA), is led by Kenneth Tran. It focuses on industrial IoT applications and agriculture. The company’s autonomous greenhouse technology improves yield and reduces waste by combining physics, crop modeling, and machine learning to transform CEA. This IA technology augments growers’ abilities to monitor their growing environments and plants, delivers optimized climate decisions for the growing area, and improves yields over time.

Koidra is extending its core tech to improve operations in industrial IoT and real-time control applications, such as for machine and factory automation. Each case has the ultimate goal of creating autonomous greenhouses, farms, or factories.

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