Krepling launches the first digital wallet that’s agnostic and is designed for ecommerce

Krepling, one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms on the market, has announced the launch of the world’s first agnostic digital wallet for ecommerceKrepling Pay. Unlike the platform’s existing competitors – AppleGoogleShopPay – Krepling Pay is compatible with every device and every browser, providing users with a truly versatile payments solution.

Right now EcommerceThe $1 trillion problem facing merchants is a major concern. According to The Krepling CommerceConsumer Report 2021 shows that 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts at checkout and fail to complete their purchases. Poor payment processes are the main reason for most of these abandonments. A third of shoppers feel discouraged by lengthy and complicated forms. 23% also dislike the requirement to create an account before making a purchase. Merchants who don’t provide enough payment options are the reason for 8 percent of abandoned baskets.

Provide an optimised 1-click shopping experience with no passwords and forms KreplingPay offers a simple solution for all these problems. Merchants can benefit from cross-border transactions through the checkout process that is completely localised according to their currency and preferred language preference. Commerce.

Conversion optimized KreplingPay is the perfect solution to seamless one-off and ongoing transactions. It generates more complete checkouts, and more repeat sales. Pay is easier to use than regular, with only five clicks required and eight less fields. e–commerce each transaction processed by gateways takes between 45 and 100 seconds longer than other types of payment.

The KreplingTo make it easy for merchants to use the new technology, a payment system was also created.

Liam JE Gerada, Founder & CEO of Krepling, comments: ‘There are an estimated 12 million – 24 million EcommerceThere are many sites in operation today, most of which are managed by independent merchants. Yet, there is a large gap between the services offered to SMEs as well as corporations. It is important that established brands are always the best.

‘With Krepling Pay, we’re seeking to level the playing field. We provide small and medium-sized companies with the payment solutions they need in order to retain and attract customers. Customers will be more confident to make purchases, which will help businesses grow. And that’s the main ambition of the solution.

‘As the world’s first1-click checkout agnostic digital GeldbeutelFor Ecommerce, KreplingPay has a lot of potential for many businesses. And we’re really excited to see how merchants respond to the solution.’

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