Kwik Delivery in Nigeria increases volumes and revenues by 400% annually

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Kwik Delivery, a Nigerian logistics startup, has announced that its GMV and revenues for 2021 increased by more than 400 percent year-on-year. The platform also reached 100,000 B2B customers.

Disrupt Africa reported July 2019 on the launch Kwik, a digital platform connecting delivery partner and corporate customers in large African towns and offering digital solutions to e-commerce payment. It was quickly adopted after it raised seed funding.

It secured additional seed investment in 2020 and closed in March last year a pre-Series B round of US$1.7million from institutional investors and high net worth individuals to finance its next phase.

Kwik continued to grow in the rest of the year, both in terms of customer base and services. Revenue and GMV grew by 400% over 2021.

“2021 saw an explosive growth in our delivery service, as businesses and merchants have moved more of their distribution systems to e-commerce platforms. Kwik Delivery founder Romain Poirot Lellig said that Kwik Delivery is one of few digital players that can offer end-to-end fulfillment services and delivery services to customers.

We believe that this trend will drive further growth in 2022 and beyond, as more businesses move digitally and streamline their supply chains. As we expand our verticals and introduce new digital services to merchants, we expect similar growth in fiscal 2022.

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