LabEight* Africa Demo Day, Fall Cohort 3

For the Fall Cohort 3 Demo Day on January 27, 2022, join LabEight* Africa’s Launchpad. 5 PM, GMT. Live-streamed directly.


LabEight* has completed three months of intense work for the Demo Day. The Demo Day featured 5+ of the most innovative startups, selected from more than 400+ applications. They have all demonstrated rapid growth and accelerated their businesses since October 2021. This was even during extremely difficult times.

These companies are in the Healthtech, Fintech and Mobility, AgTech, Renewable, as well as other areas. LabEight* has organized three demo days since 2020, giving visibility to 15+ startups and the opportunity to grow in the region and nationally.

LabEight* Africa is a 12-week intensive program that brings together promising tech startup founders who are committed to solving industry problems, expanding their networks, raising capital for future growth, and Demo Day allows them to share their solutions to industry leaders and investors.

Joy Jack, Partner at LabEight*, stated that they take great pride in providing a program to accelerate innovation growth and to increase productivity. She also said that it was a privilege to collaborate with these entrepreneurs and their program partners to address challenges.

Register below to meet the Fall 2021 Cohort for the LabEight* Africa Launchpad Program, which will be presented on the 27th January 2022.

To find out more about LabEight* Africa please visit and its social media @LabEightTech.

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