Labster secures $47M for a New Funding Tranche

Labster, the world’s leading platform for virtual labs and interactive science, has raised $47 million in additional funding to support massive growth opportunities worldwide. Labster’s new capital will allow it to continue its development in Europe, the United States, and to grow in Asia and Latin America. Labster’s institutional and government partnerships will allow it to reach 100 million students worldwide by investing more in its science simulation library and expanding its reach to students younger than 25.

Labster currently has $147 million in total investment. The new funding tranche was sourced from Sofina Group, Pirate Impact, as well as fresh infusions from existing investor Owl Ventures. They join the Series C round led by Andreessen Hoowitz, announced in 2021. Balderton Capital, Northzone Ventures and Swisscom Ventures were additional investors. David Helgason was the founder of Unity Technologies.

“As a contributor to sustainable development, Sofina is proud to support Labster’s vision of empowering millions of students with an engaging STEM learning experience,” Bertrand Fawe (investment manager at Sofina Group) said. “The use of immersive virtual reality technology will continue to play a growing role in the delivery of education.”

“Labster’s mission is to provide all students, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location, with equitable access to high-quality engaging science education and virtual laboratories — an ongoing critical need accelerated by the pandemic and now rapidly growing globally as digitalization of the education sector with hybrid and remote learning continues,” Michael Bodekaer Jensen is the co-founder of Labster and its CEO. “This additional funding will help us to continue growing our support for a broader group of students, teachers, and educational institutions around the world to make our mission a reality. There has been a fundamental change in the nature of education over the last two years that confirms the high value and impact on student engagement and learning outcomes of virtual educational simulations offered in tandem with in-person, teacher-led coursework in a post-pandemic world.”


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