Voltage Launches Lightning Network Startup Program in Partnership with DraperX Bitcoin Studio and Pleb Lab

Voltage announced today it has committed to providing lightning infrastructure and support to help startups and founders get their ideas and businesses off the ground. Funding, guidance, and support will be provided to all startup founders to assist and ensure they have reliable and high-quality infrastructure that helps them scale.

Each startup that qualifies will be eligible for up to $5,000 in credits over 12 months which will go towards lightning nodes, channel liquidity, and 5 hours of support monthly. Voltage Startup Program provides high-potential entrepreneurs with the information and tools they need to reach important milestones such as obtaining funding or being accepted into an accelerator program.

These benefits will be available to any qualifying startup:

  • $2,500 of credits if the business is in the ideation phase
  • $5,000 of credits if the business is in the growth phase
  • 5 hours of monthly support/implementation/planning

It’s hard to create a startup. And managing node infrastructure can be a challenge for Lightning startups and Bitcoin. Reliable infrastructure and easy access to liquidity allow founders to focus their time and energy on their product and users’ experience.

Voltage has partnered up with DraperX Bitcoin Studio a startup program is available at Pleb Lab Lightning Network Accelerator to help participants and networks connect with resources in the Startup Program.

Ham G. Kayan is DraperX’s CEO.: “We’re glad to be an early partner of Voltage’s Startup Program and believe more will still be built on Bitcoin. Access to Voltage’s infrastructure solutions is essential for fast-forwarding Bitcoin Adoption.”

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