Customers from Lebara UK can access online financial services through Rewire

Rewire, the world’s first digital financial service platform for migrant workers has signed a partnership deal with value SIM provider Lebara. The collaboration will give Rewire access to Lebara’s UK customer base, the opportunity to fast-track its growth in the UK and the option to push further into the EU. 

Lebara customers in the UK now have access to Rewire remittance services and Rewire will offer Lebara SIM cards to its customers. The exclusive partnership gives Lebara customers £5 credit on their Rewire account, three fee-free money transfers and a preferential FX discount on their first remittance.  

Rewire also offers a number of services to help migrants become financially independent. In addition to money transfers, Rewire also offers IBAN, insurance, and debit cards. It also allows you to make cross-border payments for bills.  

The deal also paves the way for Rewire’s European expansion, when Lebara rolls out the service to the rest of its European customers later this year.   

Rewire was selected as Lebara’s preferred financial provider following a competitive process. The vision of Rewire, a fintech company that offers a complete migration package that includes communication as well as financial solutions, impressed Lebara.   

Guy Kashtan is co-founder and CEO at Rewire.: “There is great synergy between Lebara and Rewire and our companies share a social purpose. This partnership supports our vision of shaping a holistic migration package tailored to the unique cross-border needs of migrants worldwide.” 

“Lebara is the go-to SIM provider for our target audience, and this is an unrivaled opportunity to open up our services to the millions of migrants and value-seeking customers that rely on Lebara every day. And it makes perfect sense, as all Rewire’s services are available in the palm of your hand, through the app,” Guy continues.  

Ben Dowd, Lebara Group CCO, says: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Rewire. It’s a great opportunity to provide our customers with valuable financial services. Today’s customers are increasingly looking to manage their finances through their phone and by working with Rewire, we can continue to add value and a great choice for our customers.”  

Rewire is a global company in the cross-border finance services industry that serves the underbanked. The company promotes financial inclusion by providing equal access to financial services and helping to reduce global financial disparities. 

The platform acts as a single point of contact for migrant workers to help them manage their finances beyond borders. Migrants often have to access four or five institutions for their financial needs, as they may have financial obligations in more countries than one. Rewire simplifies this and does it in the user’s native language.  

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