Legal Desk has raised €3M in a Series A round of funding

Copenhagen-based Legal Desk, a startup that aims to be the leading provider of legal documents for businesses and consumers, announced that it has raised $3.3M (approximately €3M) in a Series A round of funding.

A group of investors including Michael Haaning, a former board member at Ellos Groups and Gina Tricot, participated in this round. With this investment, Haaning will join Legal Desk’s board of directors.

The legaltech startup aims to digitize and automate the legal industry throughout the Nordics. 

It believes that the legal industry is in urgent need of dedemocratization. Legal services and legal security have been restricted to those who can afford them, and who have time to meet up with lawyers.

This round will allow the company to expand in new geographies, and make another step towards decentralizing legal services.

Legal Desk’s co-founder, Simon Eklund, told EU startups, “The traditional legal services industry has yet to embrace technology when it comes to providing more standardized legal services. I think we are going to see platforms like ours play a much bigger role – also in interaction with the traditional law practices. Digitalization has been embraced by many industries, including accounting, payroll, administration and other administrative functions. We expect the same for our industry. We believe that we can become the primary platform for legal services throughout the Nordic region.”

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