lemon.markets secures USD 15. Mio. In Seed funding

 lemon.markets, a financial technology company offering an easy-to-use API for stock trading, today announced €15M in seed financing to launch its pioneering brokerage platform for developers And tech companies. Co-led by leading investment firms Lakestar and Lightspeed participation from Creandum and System.one, it is one of the largest seed funding rounds in Europe. Operators from N26 and Public.com are among the angel investors. sennder, Taxfix, Finoa Stripe. The financing signals lemon.markets’ strong trajectory on its path to facilitate brokerage services across Europe.

lemon.markets will use the funding to accelerate its product development, extending its usage to businesses that wish to integrate stock trading into their services. The company will use the embedded finance opportunity to bring great talent onto its already growing team. As it grows and improves its offering, it will be particularly focused on strengthening its internal regulatory knowledge.

Stock trading is becoming an indispensable part of today’s world. Companies are increasingly incorporating brokerage services in their offerings due to the increased demand for financial freedom, low interest rate and changes in equity culture. Brokerage services will eventually become a standard feature, with all major tech companies offering their customers the ability to trade in the stock exchange. The infrastructure and technology required to integrate brokerage services are still in the early stages of development in Europe. A reliable and stable trading API is missing from the market, which was specifically designed for developers.

That’s why lemon.markets presents itself as an API-first company, offering a stock trading API geared toward developers. As retail investing becomes widespread, more and more people are looking for tailored solutions, creating a demand for infrastructure that enables personalized portfolio trackers, trading automation, custom saving plans, and the vision doesn’t stop there. For developers looking to reach a wider audience, lemon.markets will be the right choice.

Quickly becoming the leading brokerage-as-a-service provider in Europe, lemon.markets’ vision is to expand across the continent and provide the rails for any European to invest. Its API has many uses: From enabling every neobank stock trading to make it easy to reinvest tax refunds to investing automatically in the roundup of payments, to allowing them to allow any neobanks to offer stock trading. lemon.markets believes we won’t be seeing the endgame of retail investing anytime soon.

lemon.markets is deeply embedded in a strong community and actively collaborates to create new use-cases. lemon.markets’ features are co-designed by its users, including software development kits (SDKs) that wrap around the company’s API. Closed alpha trades have been executed by users, which has helped shape the product for its commercial launch in Q2 2022. Leveraging lemon.markets’ strong footprint in the developer community provides a systematic approach for the company to become the go-to-partner for businesses in launching a stock trading product. Lemon.markets can build exactly what developers want to transform brokerage, one line at a time.

“European brokerage is ripe for disruption. We believe every tech company should have the ability to integrate financial services into its offering. Markets want to facilitate this. Demand is already high. Our infrastructure solution manages all the plumbing so developers in these companies are free to focus on creating value and adding value for users. We can’t wait to see the many different ways our API will be applied,” Max Linden is the CEO and Co-founder.

“lemon.markets is providing tech companies the technical and regulatory infrastructure to integrate brokerage in their products – all through a single API. lemon.markets helps companies overcome increasing compliance, regulatory, and structural hurdles through technology. The current technical infrastructure that makes up our world of finance is being rebuilt entirely,” says Lakestar Partner Nicolas Brand.

“We’re thrilled to be backing the lemon.markets team as their product and mission fits squarely within our thesis of embedded finance.” Justin Overdorff is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. “lemon.markets bottom-up developer focused go-to-market strategy allows it to partner with the very best developers and companies building innovative and best in class products in the brokerage and securities trading space. An important part of their offering will be to scale those infrastructure products throughout Europe, setting the foundations for the next era of financial services across the continent.”

“Max and the lemon.markets team are creating the next generation of fintech: laying the infrastructure that will power the next generation of equity trading products, and enriching existing products with equity investing capabilities. Their API first product is leading the charge in making brokerage universally accessible and adaptable. Seeing Max thrive over the last months strengthened our belief to back lemon.markets in this round.” says Creandum General Partner Simon Schmincke.


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