LENOVO laptop patent images leaked, could house a removable tablet

Recent patent images from Lenovo suggest that the Chinese tech company is preparing to launch a laptop capable of accommodating a tablet. This suggests that the latest Lenovo offering will be appealing to tablet and laptop users, if true. The patent filed by Lenovo at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), was first spotted initially by 91mobiles. This company’s innovative design can easily house a tablet device.

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The housing is more than just a place to store tablets. The tablet could be part of the entire product, or in other words, it might be an integral part. The patent drawings indicate that the unique laptop will be a business device and will target businesses. The tablet and laptop can be used in multiple ways.


The aforementioned patent images show that the Lenovo laptop will have a rectangular display, just like other laptops. It also features a front-mounted keyboard. The most distinctive feature of the Lenovo laptop, however, is the slit at the side of its display that can hold a tablet. Unfortunately, information about the size of the tablet that it can hold is still not available. It is a distinct feature that sets the Lenovo laptop apart from other offerings on the market. According to a leaked Lenovo patent image, users will be able to pull the tablet from the laptop and use it as a standalone device.

This feature is useful for taking notes. The laptop can also be used to attend meetings. The patent application was filed by Lenovo in June. It was published however on December 30, 2013. Patent claims the system can include a tablet computer. The system also includes a keyboard and display housing. It also houses the hinge assembly, which rotates to unify the keyboard and display.


The patent description also reveals that the tablet computer recess is located between the display’s side and the backside. This can be removed to access the tablet computer. It is not yet clear if this unique Lenovo laptop will be made commercially, as the design is still in the patent phase. However, it will be fascinating to see Lenovo transform the design into a commercial product. The company is currently preparing for the unveiling of its Legion Y90 Gaming Smartphone. The rear design of the gaming smartphone was recently shared by Lenovo on its official Weibo page.

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