Lenovo Legion Y90 Specifications Detailed

Specifications for Lenovo Legion Y90

The RedMagic 7 and Black Shark 5 began to heat up. A Legion Y90 gaming smartphone also started to warm up. Officials have announced the shape design, which is the continuation of previous generations of language.

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Part of the Lenovo Legion Y90 parameters, a 6.92-inch E4 straight screen, support 144Hz refresh rate, and touch adoption rate at 720Hz. The machine’s core configuration is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 mobile platform. It can store up to 18GB of memory and supports 4GB of memory expansion. There are also 512GB of large storage.

The battery capacity for Legion Y90 is 5500mAh. It supports 68W wired charging. Most Snapdragon 8 Gen1 models have a capacity of approximately 4500-5500mAh.

The official introduction states that the Legion Y90 front has no bangs, no digging screen and dual rear cameras in the middle. It also features symmetrical double-lift shoulder keys, a double x motor, and the back of the Legion RGB LOGO which supports five different light effects.

Gaming test data indicates that the Lenovo Legion Y90 runs Honor of King in high framerate mode. It has an average frame rate of 119.8 over 30 minutes. This is basically running at full frame, with the machine’s maximum temperature of 39.2.

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