LENOVO TAB P12 PRO receives Android 12L Beta 2

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Google appears to be awakened after a few years of leaving companies “alone” as they try to make the Android Tablet market relevant. Google is now working to improve Android experience on tablets. This will improve the user experience of its partners who build tablets using the system. Android 12L was the first and most surprising example of this new commitment. This unexpected version of Android 12L was unveiled by Google as a dev preview. It includes enhancements for tablet and foldable devices. The new update is being tested by some of the company’s partners. Lenovo is one of them. today rolls Android 12L Beta 2 to the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.

According to 9to5Google, the company has launched Android 12L Beta 2 on its Pro tablet. The update includes new features and December 2021. This update is a bit outdated as we are now in February. It’s still better that what the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro had. This update is not yet mentioned on Lenovo’s website.


The release notes for Android 12L on the Lenovo Tab Pro 12 Pro are not shared by the company. This could change over the next few days. The details of the beta version are not yet available on the website of the Chinese company.

Download the Android 12L Beta 2 update pack for interested users. It is approximately 1.7 GB in size and includes some Google enhancements. It is worth noting that this update does not support the Wi-Fi version Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. This model is also available in China, model code TB_Q706F. The update also carries the Beta status. It may not be a good idea for you to flash the update on your daily driver. You might be better off waiting for an update to Android 12L before you try your luck.

Google will announce the Android 12L Beta 3 release roadmap in the next month. Google expects to release the final version before April. It is not yet clear if the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro will receive the third beta or if it will wait until the final stable release. It’s interesting to see how closely Lenovo follows Google’s Android 12L releases.

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