Levels raises $38M for Series A funding


Levels, a New York-based software firm, which gives users real-time feedback about the effects of food on their health, raised $38M Series A funding at $300m valuations.

Backers included Andrea Funsten and Ben Gilbert, David Rosenthal (Lenny Rachitsky), Lenny Rachitsky. Airbnb Alumni Syndicate, Mario Gabriele. Mat Fraser, Moshe Lifschitz, Niv Dror.

The company has raised $50m so far. It plans to use the funds for expansion from its beta community of 25,000 members to reach full consumer access and work towards international expansion later in the year.

Co-founded by Casey Means MD (Stanford MD), Josh Clemente (SpaceX, Hyperloop), Sam Corcos (CarDash, YC), David Flinner (Google), and Andrew Conner (Google), Levels helps users see how food affects their health. The company uses data from biosensors such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM) to provide real-time feedback about how your diet and lifestyle affect your metabolic health.

In line with the company’s goal of building a community to help solve the metabolic health crisis, the Series A financing included support through a Community Round that was open to all of its early members. The crowdfunding regulations allow Levels to raise $5m in just six hours. More than 1,400 investors invested in the levels.


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