LIME GEN4 E-BIKES are already replacing old models

Lime’s new Gen4 ebike was introduced in March 2021. It is distinguished by its swappable batteries. These batteries can be used with Lime’s new generation of e-scooters. TechCrunch today reported that the company is now delivering new e-bikes on the streets of Washington, D.C.

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Lime actually invested more than $50 million in this project. It assumes that it will replace existing models in major cities around the world. Washington D.C. received 250 brand new e-bikes for the first time. The company will replace its entire fleet of 2,500 ebikes within the next month. The company will then supply e-bikes to other major cities across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Australia. The replacement should be completed within the next year.

Lime’s e-bikes have been launched in over 50 countries worldwide, including London and Paris, Paris, Denver and Charleston, South Carolina. The Gen4 ebike, which is the new model, should hit the markets in summer 2021. The launch date was delayed by supply chain issues.

LIME GEN4 Key Features

The bike’s main feature is the swappable battery. It matches perfectly the Lime’s new Gen4 scooter.

Russell Murphy, senior director for corporate communications, stated that this is a significant leap forward in the industry. You can have a multimodal fleet that is more efficient if you have one battery for each type of vehicle.

Lime expects that the battery upgrade will result in improved unit economics. The swappable battery design means that users will not have to transport the e-bikes to recharge. Operators will make more money from micromobility because there will be more vehicles.

He said that one team could handle all charge tasks instead of one team for bikes and scooters.

The Lime Gen4 ebike will also have an upgraded motor. This motor should make it easier to climb hills. It will also have a phone holder and a handlebar display. The transmission is automatic with two speeds. The e-bike will be more responsive because of it.

Lime plans to expand its reach in more cities around the world, which is a major goal. It is currently working on new technologies to achieve this goal. Micromobility had raised $523 million in term and convertible loan financing by the end of 2017. This is the company’s final funding round before going public in 2022.

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