Liminal Raised $4.7 Million Seed Round by Elevation Capital

Liminal, a wallet operations infrastructure that secures digital assets in a simple and efficient way, has raised $4.7 million in its seed funding round led by Elevation Capital. The round also saw participation from prominent investors like LD CapitalWoodstockNexus Ventures, and crypto ventures like CoinDCXHashedCadenza VenturesVauldBetter Capital, and Sparrow Capital. There are also marquee angel investors like Andreas Antonopoulos, Balaji Srinivasan, Sandeep Nailwal, Jaynti Kanani, Ajeet Khurana, amongst others.

Liminal is a wallet architecture that offers the MultiSig and MPC for digital assets security across all blockchains. This plug-and-play platform reduces manual operations by 90% and saves exchanges time and effort. Business and institutional investors face the challenge of safe custody of digital assets. Liminal is one of the leading custodians. Mahin Gupta, a serial entrepreneur, founded the company in 2021. A serial entrepreneur, Gupta built India’s first blockchain company Prior to this, he co-founded ZebPay, one of India’s largest crypto exchanges. Liminal is his platform to automate and streamline wallet operations. He also provides self-custody services for institutional investors and businesses.

Liminal processed more than $2.5 billion in transactions in its first year of operation, has automated transactions worth $400m, and has approximately $50 million in assets that are under protection. Liminal’s core mission is to provide asset security and make transacting easy. Liminal’s automated wallet solution makes it easier for crypto-native businesses, SMEs, and Web3 startups to manage their workflows across different blockchain protocols, saving them significant development cost overhead. It offers services to banks, exchanges, banks, trading desks and hedge funds in order to help them secure scale the operations of their digital assets.

Digital asset security starts with ensuring that keys are safe and complying with compliance. This key could cause huge financial losses to the owner, be it individuals or businesses. Digital asset custody is so valuable. Investors can be confident about their keys’ safety, which will increase trust in cryptocurrency and other related applications such as Web3 commerce, DeFi, and DeFi. Liminal Key is insured through one of the most respected and trusted global insurers. It is a company that’s ready for the future. It counts ZebPay and DIFX as clients. The company is currently focusing on expanding in APAC and MENA to gain a dominant position in the automated wallet infrastructure operations space. Liminal’s team is a veteran of running cryptocurrency exchanges for over ten year and has a deep understanding of the problems businesses that use wallet infrastructure.

“We will be using the funds to invest in hiring and product development,” Gupta. “With Liminal, we solve the very real problem of securing and scaling digital assets where users have to use different wallets and infrastructure for different protocols. Our three layers provide key management, operational automation, and compliance for enterprises,” He continues. Gupta is mentored and guided by Andreas Antonopoulos (a thought leader whose strategic advice has helped shape Liminal’s business). “The team at Liminal has an impressive record and extensive real-world experience in custody, key management, and security. Above all, they care about doing things the right way,” says Antonopoulos.

Vaas Bhaskar (Principal at Elevation Capital), said: “Rapid adoption of digital assets is going to be driven by multiple new-age crypto businesses and institutions. These businesses demand plug-and-play custody solutions designed to meet their specific needs, including regulatory readiness and operational efficiency. We have been very impressed with Mahin and his team’s customer obsession and knowledge of this space. We are thrilled to partner with Liminal on this journey.”

“With a team of veterans that have already made waves in the Web3 landscape in the past, Liminal is bringing security and comfort to individual and institutional self-custody with its digital assets custody solution. We are delighted to support them in their journey to one of the most prominent names in the security and custody sector,” Himanshu Yadav was the Founding Partner at Woodstock. Balaji Srinivas also added. “As they say, ‘not your keys, not your crypto.’ Liminal is emerging as a viable alternative for holding your crypto.”

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