Link Group promotes shareholder engagement through the launch of a voting app

Link Group, the UK’s leading registrar, has launched an innovative new mobile app to simplify how shareholders engage with the companies they invest in, giving them more control over their holdings, and easing the process by which their voice can be heard.

LinkVote+ offers a suite of new solutions that can be used by both shareholders and companies. The app is available on both smartphones and tablets so shareholders can have meaningful interactions with companies and their shareholdings.

Via LinkVote+ they can more easily engage with their portfolio, download documents, access third-party content – including companies’ investor relations pages and live updates from the London Stock Exchange, appoint a proxy, register their votes and take part in hybrid or virtual shareholder meetings, where applicable.

The app will allow listed companies to increase their two-way engagement with shareholders. LinkVote+ is also expected to have ESG benefits. The app will reduce reliance upon paper documents and facilitate electronic voting. This will make the process of virtual or hybrid AGMs more efficient.

In recent years, both AGM attendance has declined and capital voted on at each meeting has fallen. According to D.F. research, the average capital voted at each AGM in 2021 was 73.9%, a decrease of 75.9% for 2020. King Ltd, Link Group’s specialist proxy solicitation and shareholder engagement team.

Link Group aims to address this by onboarding all issuer clients to LinkVote+ by the end of 2022’s AGM season, making the app available to their shareholders to support their AGMs.

Ian Stokes, Link Group’s Managing Director Corporate Markets EMEA, stated: “Disruption caused by the pandemic has in many ways challenged the relationship between boards and their shareholders as they’ve had to navigate to a more hybrid format. The UK’s corporates are now held more accountable to their investors. However, overall engagement and participation are at risk. Link Group’s LinkVote+ App signals the launch of an unparalleled suite of new solutions. It will open the door to a new era of shareholder engagement. The new solutions will offer more paperless and electronic journeys for issuer companies as well as new ways for shareholders to engage with each other.

“Our purpose is to connect people with their assets, and via our app we aim to provide an efficient and speedy experience for shareholders, giving them more control over their holdings and processes, while also providing issuer companies with industry-leading shareholder solutions.”


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