Locus Chain Announces the Kingdom Under Fire Blockchain Service

A huge innovative leap forward in blockchain technology – Gamechain version of Locus Chain’s Mainnet.

Blockchain innovation is the true breakthrough that will open up endless possibilities for blockchain technology in future.

Bloom Technology, the developer of the next-generation blockchain platform Locus Chain, announced that it would release an online game ‘Kingdom Under Fire on Locus Chain’ this summer, which is the world’s first online game with blockchain technology to replace game matching server and make it playable without a server.

Next week they will start FGT (Focus Group Test), and then move on to the final phase. Kingdom Under Fire, which was released in 2000 and the first RTS game to use the hero system, sets a new record in Korea for the most packages sold. It was also praised for being the only RTS rival to StarCraft. Kingdom Under Fire ran, which supported league matches and ladder games. It was also released in more than 30 countries and sold over 500,000 copies. Locus Chain was created to replace It allows users to play games online, without having to connect to a server.

This technology makes it easy to create and distribute user-participating content and lowers the costs of online gaming development. The ecosystem is expected to grow as everyone can easily create and distribute various online content, regardless of whether it’s a big game developer or one individual developer.

There are many projects that claim to be blockchain games. Some of these have been successful commercially. They can only use blockchain technology to maintain cryptocurrency ecosystems in the game. There are currently no projects that can actually use blockchain technology as a function or server for the game. Because of the high computing power required by existing blockchains and the slow speed of the blockchain network, it is nearly impossible to replace any game function.

Most importantly, other blockchains do not solve the problem of scaling. Therefore, when multiple users connect to the network simultaneously, it will be significantly slower. This is the reason why many current public blockchains can’t be put to actual commercial use. Locus Chain’s incredible technological achievements can be redeemed because of its infinite scaling, low cost, super speed and low computing power requirements.

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