Gravity Sketch, a startup based in London, has raised $33 million through a funding round

Startup based in London called gravity Sketch has taken that concept into 3D, leveraging tools like virtual reality headsets to let designers and others dive into and better visualize a product’s design as it’s being made; and the startup is now announcing a $33 million in funding to take its own business to the next dimension.

Figma platforms have revolutionized how producers and other stakeholders think about and create two-dimensional designs..

The Series A is on the horizon as Gravity Sketch surpasses 100,000 users. This includes product design teams at companies like Adidas, Reeboks, Volkswagen and Ford.

The funding will be used to continue expanding the functionality of its platform, with special attention going to expanding LandingPad, a collaboration feature it has built to support “non-designer” stakeholders to be able to see and provide feedback on the design process earlier in the development cycle of a product.

The round is being led by Accel, with GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) and previous backers Kindred Capital, Point Nine, and Forward Partners (all from its seed round in 2020) also participating, along with unnamed individual investors. The company has raised more than $40 million.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya (CEO), Daniela Paredes Fuentes, (CXO) and Daniel Thomas (CTO) co-founded the company. Sosanya met Fuentes while they were both completing a joint design/engineering degree at the Royal College of Art.

They continued to work together at Jaguar Land Rover in industrial design. Through these and other experiences, they discovered they were both facing the same problems when trying to do their jobs.

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