Libeo launches in the UK from Xero’s long-standing director

After several years of successful operation in France, and all over Europe, B2B payments specialists have emerged. Libeo officially launched in the UK market. Libeo, a European leader in digital payments, is now expanding into the UK market. With the leadership of newly appointed Glen Foster, Managing Director for the UK and Northern Europe, the move will be powered by Libeo’s competitive advantage and its innovative differentiating features.


Europe still relies heavily on pen-and-paper, offline payment methods. Eurazeo estimates that while B2C payments are becoming increasingly digitalized, around 25% of B2B invoices can still be filed electronically. The UK is Europe’s most mature fintech market for consumers, both in terms of size and usage, according to the EY Global Fintech Adoption Index. The UK’s adoption rate of fintech is much lower among SMEs, as 49% of UK businesses still use paper cheques to pay suppliers.

B2B customers have high expectations about their payment experience. It is due to their retail experience, which has made them more aware about the possibilities for business payment processes. Technology can be used to enhance B2B payments and to innovate the customer experience by automating and integrating processes.

With many new players joining the market, the UK has seen greater growth of payment solutions. Two things are happening as a result of this growth: One, they believe that payments are a hot topic within the industry. They struggle to see the differences between the different players and what each of them offers that is different.

A shift is taking place in the B2B payments market. Many companies are entering it to bridge the gap between business and consumer payment solutions. Libeo is proud that they offer the best payment experience.


Libeo is a pioneer in digital payments and offers many innovative solutions. Libeo offers both accounts payable (AP), and accounts receivables (AR) capabilities, which is a significant advantage over its competitors who specialize in only one. Libeo’s clients have greater options and convenience because they can pay and get paid at the same time. By relying on all major payment rails, including Open Banking, BACS and Faster Payment, Libeo’s platform digests the complexity of payment rails, crafting the best experience for clients.

In addition, Libeo’s platform provides one click-payments with no limits on the amount and without the need to have money stored in a digital wallet or to log in to a bank account. Libeo payments are compatible with all bank accounts and foreign currencies.

Libeo offers the most advanced workflows and the best experience in payment processing. Libeo is able to compete with other payment solutions platforms.

Libeo stands out from the rest by combining a rich payment experience and advanced workflows. This enables Libeo’s users, whether business owners or accountants, to not only save more time with automated invoice management but to reduce direct and indirect costs associated with manual invoice management, ultimately facilitating more efficient, data-driven businesses.


Libeo’s expansion into the UK is supported by the appointment of Glen Foster, a new Managing Director for the UK and Northern Europe. Glen has extensive experience in scaling up companies and working with software companies. His goal is to create world-class customer experiences using cutting-edge technology and stimulate quality revenue growth in SaaS businesses. Glen is passionate about helping SME business owners achieve financial clarity and the tools they need to succeed. He is a strong believer in the quality services and products Libeo provides its customers and is equally passionate about Libeo’s values and mission to allow SME business owners to focus on the things that matter.

Glen Foster, Glen Foster, is the Managing Director of the UK and Northern Europe.: “I’ve always been passionate about SMEs and accountants and bookkeepers, and Libeo gives me the opportunity to continue to support both, with great technology. I am well aware of the difficulties associated with getting paid and the negative impact this can have on business owners. Equally, I’ve seen over the last 15 years how accountants specifically have widened their services to incorporate things such as supplier payments for clients, giving clients the time back to focus on running successful businesses.”

Pierre Dutaret, co-founder and CEO at Libeo.: France’s success is a strong indicator for the sector’s needs. The issues faced by our French customers are similar to those we identified in the UK, particularly within the SME segment – and we are confident that we can respond to them in a very relevant way. Our expansion into the UK, supports our ambition in becoming the European leader in business-to-business payments.”


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