Mac Mini 2022: Design and performance, ports, features, and design

The humble Mac Mini is a long-loved way to enjoy a decently-powered Mac experience without the need to spend a lot of money on a laptop or an all-in-one. In 2019, the M1 treatment was given to the computer, along with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It looks like the computer will finally get the latest-generation redesign in 2022.

M1 Mac Mini 7

The Mac Mini’s redesign will not only be more efficient, but it will also include a new design. Many people expect the new Mac to be equipped with either an M1 Pro or an M1 Max chip. However, it could also include an M2 chip. According to some rumors, the Mac Mini will come in a variety of models.

2022 Mac Mini design

New design features are likely to be offered by the Mac Mini, which will make it slimmer than ever. This is on-trend. The original Mac Mini measured around 2 inches in height, while the current Mac Mini measures 1.4 inches. According to Jon Prosser a new Mac Mini could be less than one inch tall.

The Mac Mini will still look like the original Mac Mini. It will likely still have a square design. Prosser suggests that the top may be made of plexiglass, and it could come in different colors like the new iMac or the rumored MacBook Air.

2022 Mac Mini ports

The new Mac Mini’s back will likely feature a variety of modern ports. According to reports, the new Mac Mini will have four Thunderbolt ports instead of the two available on the current-gen model. This is in addition to an HDMI port and an ethernet port. The power input will be similar to the one on the new iMac.

All of this information is subject to change. Apple may release different models with different types and numbers of ports. We’ll just have to wait and watch. It remains to be seen whether Apple will add an SD slot on the MacBook Pro and USB-A ports. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported in August that the new Mac Mini would feature an “updated design” and more ports than its predecessor.

2022 Mac Mini specifications

The most intriguing part of the new Mac Mini is what it has under the hood.

The new Mac Mini will have better specs than the M1 Pro or M1 Max, there’s no doubt. However, some reports suggest that the new Mac Mini will come with either the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Others speculate that it will have the M2 chip that will be included in the next MacBook Air.

Mark Gurman’s latest reports indicate that these three could be true, according to Mark Gurman. Gurman claims that Apple will release an M2 Mac Mini with a lower price and an M1 Pro/M1 Max Mac Mini.

M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro offer 64GB RAM. It’s possible that the new Mac Mini will also have the same RAM options. You could have storage capacities up to 2TB.

2022 Mac Mini Price and Availability

When will the 2022 Mac Mini released? We don’t yet know. The new computer could be released this Spring, as the new iMac was launched last year. Apple could also wait until WWDC or wait until October to release the MacBook Pro.

The pricing is less clear. The current-generation model is priced at $699. This may be the same price as the lower-end model. We don’t know how much the higher-end model will cost, but it is more expensive.

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